Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I call the day successful when I don't get a sunburn!

Last year I posted about an Alpine Slide adventure, and our desire to find and ride every one of them in Colorado.  Well folks, I'm here to tell you we Workmans live up to our promises (unless we've promised to help you move, then we will most likely also schedule "surgery" for that same weekend).

A on the TRAM coming down the mountain.
Our next trip was to Glenwood Springs.  A busy little town that is set in the mountains and has a ton of stuff to do-I would highly recommend a trip there if you drive through the state.  This slide was a little bit more formal, and a lot more expensive, so I was setting my expectations pretty high.  This destination took you up the mountain in a TRAM to an ADVENTURE PARK!  The slide is so high you have to take a TRAM to get there!!!! (note-the word TRAM must be capitalized due to excitement)

However, as we were waiting in line to board, the TRAM employee told us the wind was to high and there were stupid safety concerns, so we had to take a bus to the top instead.  We were disappointed (wouldn't the wind just make it more awesome) until the bus ride started.  The bus driver was freaking amazing and took us up the switch back one way dirt road like a member of the Top Gear staff!  That woman could drive, and the views were spectacular all the way up. We got to ride the TRAM on the way down, however I missed our chance to have a white knuckle ride down on the bus!

We reached the top and immediately bought tickets to go on the Slide.  My sister recently suggested that slides are for babies.
The only thing this slide has in common with babies is that I screamed like a newborn as I was careening down radical curves, and flying at unknown speeds.

Breaks and Accelerator were on the sides.  You control the speed.

Kurt and I dared each other to never put on the brakes...he won that dare.

The Alpine Coaster, super fast and awesome scary.  More to my sister's liking!
K and H riding in the TRAM on the way down the mountain.

I love this crazy state and it's crazy adventures!
I can't wait for the next one!

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