Monday, June 27, 2011

It's already the 3rd post and I'm just now mentioning Goonies!?

Teachers become teachers because every year they get to experience one of the most thrilling, raw feelings known to mankind...the last day of school.

Remember that day?  It was one of the only days you got up without being told, brushed your teeth with vigor, kissed your mom, the dog, the goldfish because you were feeling so good!  Well teachers remember it, and they get to feel it every year.  Sometimes you can see a teacher skipping when the last day is close.  Sometimes you will find them giving everyone As, everyone.  Sometimes you will find them giggling when all alone in their room.  That's because the end of the year is magical.  You've made it.  You completed another year with both eyebrows, and no one finding out about that time you dropped the Fbomb.  It's why we go back after summer is over (and also because we are all nerds and enjoy the FIRST day of school just as much).

However, soon comes the summer blues.  A time when you feel a bit lost, a bit unstructured, a bit...bored.  This year it came early for me.  It might be because I now live in a large city where I know NO ONE, or it might be because I have to fit 2100 square feet of house into a house the size of a smurf mushroom, or maybe it's because I haven't lived in a city for 9 years and I feel a bit trapped and lost, or it might be because I don't have even a hint of a job, or it might be because I stopped doing heroin.  Whatever the reason I'm in a bit of a downer...which will come as a shock to some, and to some much glee because they are bitter about me leaving them.

So after a couple of days I'm tired of myself, and have to decided to fix the way I feel.  That's right I am going to do stock-car racing (suck it Danica Patrick) no no I'm too fragile.  I'm actually going to try some yoga.  You know, like the hippies, and my friend Jason.  So tomorrow (because I'm too busy on the interweb to do it today losers) I'm going to walk to the local Berkeley neighborhood Yoga den in my Goonies tshirt and tattered sweats and show those skinny, well toned women that I can bend as well as the next overweight librarian.  I'm going to find my inner Frodo and find peace and calm (and try to shut out the voices in my head).

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Recommendation: Don't eat any beans at least 24 hours prior to attending a yoga session!

    When I did yoga, I believe the muscles that developed the most for me were in my butt... this was because the twisting and turning involved in yoga seem to get my gastrointestinal system moving and I constantly found myself squeezing to keep from letting out the biggest FART ever! This was especially important because my yoga teacher talked really quietly and played soft music - so everyone in class was really quiet as we worked. Although I joke frequently about farts, it would have been mortifying to let one slide out in this environment!

    Good luck :)- Cristy

  2. If I recall it wasn't an Fbomb you dropped--rather referenced female body parts (or a kitty) on someone's face....