Thursday, June 30, 2011

Heaven is a pancake

DJ's Berekley Cafe on Tennyson will blow your mind.  We didn't have any breakfast goods at home last Saturday (by which I mean no milk and cereal) so we took a walk to find us a good breakfast haunt.  The clouds parted and light shone down on DJ's.  First I was skeptical.  How can a cafe named after a character from Roseanne be any good, but alas I will not make that mistake again.

I had Crab cakes Ala Eggs Benedict that was freaking amazing.  Everything was homemade, the coffee was great, and the prices were decent.  And the waitress reminded me of Rachel Ray (less extreme annoyance factor, just really friendly and cute).

Not to mention Ainslee's breakfast:
three pancakes, all different kinds-banana walnut, blueberry, and chocolate chip/ hazelnut-this was a children's menu item so crazy cheap.  We were all fighting for bites.  I also demanded my food on a Mickey Mouse shaped plate, but Rachel Ray gave me a funny look and I dropped the issue.

So come visit and we will show you heaven, and it is indeed in a pancake.  Next time I'm trying the strawberry stuffed french toast.

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